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muffler delete, you will love the sound. plus our mufflers are heavy as hell.
. i have a 2015 VT AT and love it. guy at muffler shop did mine, for $150, the sound before was nothing , now it sounds like it should.
also when you can get the below :

oil catch can - a must for our cars

front strut bar , got mine at piercemotorsports

rear torsion bar - pierce motorsports

4 rigid collars - inexpensive but worth it

4 Point Brace - piercemotorsports

NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs- well worth it

stick with Full Syn oil when doing oil changes
and a premium oil filter
i use Liqui Moly 5w30
and Royal Purple performance oil filter


2015 auto VT, 2013 manual VT × 2
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On the 19+ they will not gain much if any power with bolt ons with the oem tune so they will need to be tuned regardless to gain power. To tune them at all you need to run high octane fuel(91+ octane) and HKS M45XL plugs with 024" gaps at a minimum. Better flow and cooling mods on the car and the more it will make once tuned.

Here is a 2021 VT R-Spec that I'm tuning and helping a customer mod to reach goals.
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Notice the green pull on the dyno with the oem tune and mods are intake, plugs, muffler delete. Then notice the other pulls tuned how much more power and how smooth it is.
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