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HIDs - radio interference

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Has anyone here notice any radio interference after installing HIDs? As soon as I turn lights on static like crazy over fm radio stations, I tried regrounding my wires figured that was my mistake but nope thats not it. Also I read up on things called ferrite cores/beads, heard they work pretty good so I ordered a few online and hopefully they do... but my question is my would I be the only one with this problem did I not install correctly? any advice would be appreciated.
Got lows from diode dynamics and fogs from DDM tuning both with relays.
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I noticed this for the first time this morning after nearly a month and a half. I have the Diode Dynamics kit with relay harness installed. This morning, I was getting static in the radio when my HIDs were on, I also noticed a slight flickering of the HIDs. I got to work, decided to try it again and they weren't flickering or buzzing anymore. The problem fixed itself. I went over a couple speed bumps, so maybe there is something loose somewhere... I have no idea.
Ok so it happened again this morning when I started my car. Popped the hood and it's my relay buzzing. Did some research and found installing a 470µF 35V capacitor will solve the issue... so I'll try that and see how it goes. Still odd that the relay stops buzzing when I get to work, I still wonder if driving over the speed bumps is solving the issue somehow. Very odd.
DD is sending me a canceler or eliminator to try to see if this will fix this issue or not.
Sounds like it should be similar, if not the same thing, to the capacitor that you speak of.
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