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Many people have been asking about instructions about the installation of the HKS Style BOV install. There are bits and pieces of instructions throughout a few threads on the forum but they are now a bit hard to find.

Last night, I had installed a BOV on a flange for a customer that didn't have snap ring pliers.

First things first.. What is in the box and What do you need?

Table Box Cardboard

The box + snap ring pliers will be what you need to do most of the installation and will be the hardest part.

Here are the contents of the entire box. You do not NEED all of it. You can use a Check valve if you want but it is not necessary.

Also, there is a Tee that comes in the kit if you want to tee into an existing vacuum line instead of the solenoid.

You can re-use the stock hose clamps or use the included zip ties on the vacuum line to secure it.

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This is what you will NEED from the kit (zip ties optional)
BOV adapter
Snap Ring

Next, you will use your GOOD (not harbor freight) retaining ring pliers to install the BOV on the adapter.

First, install the O-ing in the adapter:
Auto part Bearing Flange Ball bearing Hardware accessory

Next, put the snap ring on top of the BOV flange and set it in the adapter on top of the o-ring.
Auto part Brake

Use your snap ring pliers, combined with a flathead or another tool to help push down on the opposite side of the snap ring to seat it once compressed.
Wire Heat guns


Once the snap ring is initially pushed down, you should be able to make your final rotation adjusments on the BOV.

You want to rotate the flange with the BOV opening pointing to the left with the adapter opening (on the bottom of it, the slot) on the RIGHT side.
Auto part Engine Vehicle Car Family car

Once you have the position as shown in the above pictures the way you want it, use the flathead screwdriver and the pliers to push the snap ring down into the slot to secure it. You will hear a SNAP sound when it seats. (hint: apply downward pressure to the BOV at the same time to help)
Auto part Metal Wheel

Now your BOV is seated and you are ready to go outside and get some real work done!!!

Once out to the car, you will have to remove the bumper! This is about a 10-15 minute maximum ordeal. You don't need to pull it away from the car, just remove and lower to the ground.

This consists of a bunch of 10mm bolts and some plastic screws. See my FMIC or intake threads for instructions (images may be down but instructions are there, will get pics back up soon)

When the bumper is off, you will see the stock BPV. Use a 10mm socket and remove the 3 bolts.

On the Inside of the engine bay, follow the vacuum line from the BPV to the solenoid. This will be the vacuum line coming out of the TOP of the solenoid.

Carefully remove the line from the solenoid. The stock BPV with vacuum line should be free at this point. Remove them.

Install the included vacuum line on the new BOV. Route the vacuum line where the stock vacuum line went through and install on the solenoid barb.

Now you can bolt down your BOV setup. Make SURE that the slot on the adapter lines up with the slot on the bypass spacer. The BOV opening should point towards passenger side of the car.

You are almost finished, you just need to cut the hole for the BOV to fit in the bumper cover.

What we did on jeremy's car was just put the cover over the BOV and eyeballed where we needed to cut. We used two cuts from a 4" hole saw and then he cleaned it up with a dremel tool.

Some people have just cut rectangles. I will get a PDF made soon that you can print out 1:1 to cut the hole the way I did on jeremy's car if that would be easier.

Once the hole is cut, make sure the bolts are tight on the BOV flange, make sure the vacuum line is secure, put your bumper back on and enjoy your new BOV!!!

!!!Helpful hint for people cutting their own hole!! Starting out with a smaller hole is better. You can always open it up to fit over the BOV exactly how you want. Going with a BIG hole, you can't go back :p
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What's the link to the pricing and install of this?

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will your BOV work with using the stock vaccum connections? or is the "boost hack" a must?
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