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anyone know how hard would it be to change the stock horn on the VT? Not really to crazy about how the horn sounds...
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dual horn from other Hyundai models work too... just need to splice a wire. easy
What sounds good from other cars? Genesis sedan? Santa Fe? Can't go with the Sonata, as I've heard those are squeakers, too...or can you?
There's a few threads. I replaced mine as well.
any 2012 and up Elantras and Sonatas and higher models all have dual horn factory setup
I am curious......does anyone think that just adding a second horn would work? I am going to hit the salvage yard within the next few days to try and either grab a new horn from another Hyundai or something.......
I don't think so? Most dual setups are high/low, not just.. 2. MOST (i THINK??), so I may be wrong.
I picked up a pair of Fiaam high/low tone horns for $32 at my local parts place. 132dB a piece .. man, those are loud and sound pretty good.

Some guy (he's a bit of a twat) posted a you tube video on the ones I have .. you have to get about 4min 50 secs into it to hear them.

I have a pair of PIAA slimline horns on mine and they are loud and have a nice note (high and low tone). For my motorcycle I attached a second horn and spliced a pair of wires across, and that gives it volume and I didn't have room for anything else. But a pair of PIAAs or Fiaams are so cheap you might as well go that way for a car.
you need PAIR

just bc it's high and low will not produce a pleasant tone :)
I bought an $11.25 horn from Amazon, cut the end off the stock harness and used the supplied spade plugs-2 minute job if you have the bumper off. Sounds much better-like a "real" horn.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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