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RedDawg goes home aka the VT gets to party on the blacktop and adds a little silver lining to a dark cloud. I moved to Indiana from NE Georgia over 2 years ago and haven't had the right opportunity to go back with the VT since it lacks a little in cargo space for the whole family of 4 considering my youngest is 16 and 6'1".

Fast forward to 7 months old and 9K miles on the clock. My mom was scheduled for major back surgery and pre-surgery x-rays precipitated a lung biopsy. Needless to say, I load up the car and head to the hospital in Atlanta. The surgery went well and the biopsy performed so they released her on Thursday. (Results not expected until Monday)

I left a bit early to head back to get their house in Blairsville prepared for her return. I needed a bit of a pick-me-up and this fit the bill. The scene....It was late Thursday afternoon, sunny and about 75 degrees. Traffic was light and Pandora was rocking to the Ride the Lightning channel. Once I rolled through Cleveland on 129, the weight on my shoulders started easing just slightly and by the time I passer Turner's Corner it was just me, the car and a magical twinning of music from the engine and speakers. It apparently had rained earlier in the week just hard enough to wash away the ever present grit and pebbles that seem to line the apex of all the curves.By now the road was dry and traction was primo.

The roads back in Indiana are typical of the Midwest with a lot of straight lines, potholes and frost heaved pavement....not the place where a lightweight twitchy suspension car can shine. Hwy 129 however is an old friend that spans over 32 years of my driving time and I just knew it's smooth tarmac and twisty terrain would give the girl a chance to show her stuff. I was not disappointed! For those that don't know, Hwy 129 between Blairsville and Cleveland, GA has a stretch spanning roughly 19 miles that has it all. Elevation changes, on and off camber turns ranging from gentle sweepers to 250+ degree hairpins, name it. IMHO it ranks right up there with the famous Tail of the Dragon and is typically much less crowded. Let's just say that if I still lived 1/2 mile off this glorious road with the VT in hand, my insurance rates would likely take a beating.

The power and responsiveness of the motor were amazing for the run up the mountain and the twitchy rear end actually worked to its advantage in this environment allowing just enough drift act a little like a rwd car just prior to the front end pulling you out of the apex and launching forward. I've probably logged more than 25,000 miles on that 19 mile stretch of road in my lifetime. During that time I've hit these curves in all kinds of rides ranging from a wicked little mustang, to a CBR600F and without question, this was the most fun I have ever had on that particular stretch of road. Just what the doctor ordered!
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