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I Know Where The ESC Light Is On The Dash Now!

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It all happened so quickly.

I'm at the end of my break-in period and decided to hammer it on a familiar intersection taking a right turn. It has handled tight turns so well that I wasn't concerned. The hard stock tires began to give and it started to push as expected and I planned to let the power pull me around. Then I found out how much more power she makes at 6,000 RPM when the front wheels broke loose and she torque steered on me. The outside curb had my attention and before I could regain my composure a red light below the speedometer flashed briefly. It was the ESC indicator light.
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I'm not sure how others feel about it, but the first thing I do after starting mine is turn off ESC :) I reserve that system for a rainy day when I'm not interested in actually "driving".
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I don't think you can turn off the ESC.
true... im thinking about the traction control maybe? the pushbutton on the lower right of the center instrument cluster.
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