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I Know Where The ESC Light Is On The Dash Now!

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It all happened so quickly.

I'm at the end of my break-in period and decided to hammer it on a familiar intersection taking a right turn. It has handled tight turns so well that I wasn't concerned. The hard stock tires began to give and it started to push as expected and I planned to let the power pull me around. Then I found out how much more power she makes at 6,000 RPM when the front wheels broke loose and she torque steered on me. The outside curb had my attention and before I could regain my composure a red light below the speedometer flashed briefly. It was the ESC indicator light.
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I can't turn ESC off on my car but I can turn traction control off. In any case you can get the Veloster very sideways without ESC intervening so ESC fairly passive. For drivers who drive all wrong and end up borderline understeering off the road like the OP, then for sure ESC can give you a false sense of security, and when you overstep what ESC can correct then you will have a very big smash! We have growing road fatality stats in Australia which indicate this.

If a car understeers then lift off, and it will grip at the front and maybe go a bit sideways which is alright because you can correct a slide if you have front wheel grip. If you coax it sideways like I do then keep your foot in it and gently correct the steering (lifting off will cause a spin, as will correcting less than gently).

I think all car drivers should ride motorcycles for 6 months, then they will learn all about cornering techniques or end up in hospital all smashed up (or worse). I see so many drivers turning-in early, braking while turning in, braking harder while turning in (braking and turning will coax terminal understeer out of any car). In fact I hardly ever see any drivers do it right! Brake in a straight line, then turn and clip the apex middle to late while under power, and power gradually harder out of the curve. How hard is that?
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... I think all car drivers should ride motorcycles for 6 months, then they will learn all about cornering techniques or end up in hospital all smashed up (or worse). ...
I totally agree. Riding a motorcycle for many years taught me how watch what's going on around me and react quickly to their mistakes or carelessness.
I think it should be compulsory to do so as a prerequisite to taking the drivers test .. if nothing else it'll thin out the herd a bit :wink:
Motorcycle riding teaches your road sense or else you won't survive but it also teaches you the correct way to go around corners, because you have a lot of weight and power and tiny, tyre contact patches and you have to make those contact patches work for you, especially on wet or slippery roads.

The one thing I don't understand in my city and I'm not sure if it's common or not, but most bicycle riders have no road sense whatsoever. It's like they deliberately tempt cars, busses and trucks to run them down whereas on motcycles we're always on the lookout for and making allowances for errant drivers. In my city, bicycle riders make up 30% of road fatalities (death and injury) for a tiny percentage of driver-kilometres. What is wrong with them?
Oh Lamborghini. I love Lamborghini and it is so painful to watch someone that can afford one but can't drive one.

Its traction control may have been on but once you swing that massive rear end weight around there is no stopping it.

Obviously it is not a 2012+ model or it would have to have Electronic Stability Control (ESC) like the VT and every car in America. If it had ESC it would have pumped its front brakes and kept it somewhat in its lane, or at least kept it from swapping ends - that is the whole point of ESC.

Since moving to Atlanta I have seen more Lamborghinis in a month than I had seen in the last 20 years. You can hear them coming as their exhaust echos off the downtown/midtown buildings even if they are not hammering it. Strangely, almost every Lamborghini I see in Atlanta is being driven by a woman. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But I found that odd. Then I went to the Lamborghini dealership and I saw just how tiny the cabin is on them. I can't fit in most of them and especially the Gallardo Cabriolets - they are ridiculously tiny. Near as I can tell the professional athletes buy them and can't fit in them so their wives/girlfriends drive them. In that sense they are probably in better hands with them because they just drive them around to look cool and don't do stupid stuff like in that video.
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