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I'm beginning to get very jealous...

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looking at BRZ & FR-S forums. The aftermarket options are near about endless and there seems to be a lot of creativity with the brand/car. I am so ready for some beastly parts for our VT or I might have to consider trading. Someone give me a reason to hang with the VT prease.

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keep in mind the boxer engine has been out and go fast bits were available before the car came out. Not too much R&D was needed for them, just modify to fit the BRZ. The VT has an engine that is new to the market so there is R&D time and also market demand (not many VT's on the road). Companies like Turbosocks, Pierce, 845, etc are really doing a great job pumping stuff out as soon as they can.
Lack of mods???

FMIC- Turbosocks,845
Exhaust- Solo, Magnaflow, Borla, 845 soon
Intake- Turbosocks, AEM, Injen
Downpipe- Pierce (work of art)
Suspension- HR, Eibach, Ksport, Megan, Ark
ECU tune- On the way

and the list goes on and on

I should not have bought this car to try and make it fast? Isn't that on everyone's agenda? I'm just very disappointed with the lack of mods for this car so far. It has been out long enough for major tuning brands to hop on board so we can create a slight power house. You can see/feel the potential for this car, but it's just not there yet. 250-300 hp sounds great to me! The car doesn't weigh that much; so with 300hp, it would be plenty quick enough.
:( !!!!!!!!!!!!

2014 vt. 220hp 211 torque.
For the price of an FRS/BRZ I'd get a Gen 2.0t and it already has a turbo. Fools with BRZ needs to spend lots of $$$ to make the power of a Gen.
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Your expectation is the problem. It's not realistic. The car has only been out about a year probably less. Not that many VT's on the road due to them being new means it will be a bit before Company A can justify an investment in producing parts. That said I feel we have been lucky that a few places have seen the potential in the VT (Pierce, Turbosocks, 845 to name a few) and got started quickly. At $25k msrp for a base BRZ you will spend some serious coin to match the VT's HP gains. A N/A motor will not have the HP gains a Turbo motor does with bolt ons. Only some cases but they are mostly larger displacement engines. As I mentioned before, the BRZ has a boxer engine which already had aftermarket parts. It's your money so do whatever makes you happy but try to be a bit more realistic. Good luck.

I'm guessing by how everyone jumped the gun, I am unlike a lot of you. I don't have kids. I don't lug a months worth of groceries from the grocery store daily. I don't ever spend time in my back seat. I am a young professional who lives day to day and eats fast food almost every meal I can. I bought a sporty looking car with high expectations. I don't care that it has a roomy cabin with enough space for 6 car seats, a beach bag full of toys for the kids to build sand castles with and enough cargo space to store a kayak & two bikes. If i cared more about those things rather than being able to create a power house of a small turbo hatch, then I could have saved myself a few grand and purchased a NA Veloster. Looking at the car I can practically hear it screaming through its wide mouth grill.. "I wanna go fassssttt". I bought the TURBO Veloster to go fast (Ricky Bobby style). No disrespect to any companies who have already created mods for the VT, but I honestly expected the market to be endless by now.
Even if the EJ did not have parts there already was a market since it is a boxer engine. If you look at who sells parts for the BRZ they are the same that sell to the wrx crowd. So, again, R&D is easier, perhaps modifying parts rather than make them from scratch. The other thing is these 2 cars are not even in the same category/class.

I myself have chimed in in the past to similar threads like these and there's always the same old excuse of "The car has only been out about a year probably less". Buck for buck the FRS/BRZ may not make as much power, but will always out perform the VT. The twins are even faster than the VT stock for stock right out of the box whether you're looking at a road course, autox, or drag race. VT loses in every single category except tech. FRS/BRZ weren't made for tech junkies. Everyone knows a fast car is a light one. What's the point of having a 400+ whp car when it also weighs nearly 4000 lbs? The point is to have 400+ whp at under 3000 lbs, you tell me which is a faster car.

Also just because it's a Subaru boxer engine does not mean it's the same as every other Subaru boxer engine out there. The one in the FRS/BRZ is the FA20 which is not the same as the EJ series engine found in the WRX's and Imprezas, so no it did not already have aftermarket parts. It came out the same time as the VT. Even before the car went on the sales floor across the nation, the car had turbo kits, basic bolt-ons, suspension mods from lowering springs to coilovers, etc etc...the list goes on.

However, I do agree with you that we have been lucky to have the few vendors that are spending their time to make us awesome parts. The FRS/BRZ were aimed for the tuner market, the VT was aimed for a diverse crowd whether you needed something a little stronger/faster and had the capacity to carry groceries, kids/passengers, and travel luggage. Then yet, could still be modified to perform and look better than stock. I contradict myself here, but this is where everyone gets confused as to why one car has more support than another. I WISH there was a full aftermarket backing for the VT, but the market isn't there. Out of hundreds or thousands of VT owners currently, how many of us actually upgrade our cars(I'm sorry, but this may offend some people but I DO NOT CONSIDER window tints, LED interior, exterior add-ons, plasti-dip, badge removal, etc as an upgrade)? The usual group buys I see are only around 10-20 buyers and that's about 1 or 2% of VT owners only, there's not much money to be made.
I had a Sentra so anything was an improvement. Seriously though, I have always loved hatchbacks. I had the following hatchbacks:

Suzuki Swift
Suzuki swift GT
Civic Si
Civic Si B18C
Ford Focus
SVT Focus
Havent seen any Fiesta ST or Abarth in my neck of the woods
I'm understanding that OP is really talking about enthusiasm. We have a couple of vendors making parts for us, but in the general marketplace there's a lack of excitement over the VT. It falls in line with the idea that the VT isn't "hot hatch" worthy like the Fiesta ST or Abarth.
LOL. The OP is talking about the aftermarket so obviously I am talking about the aftermarket for the BRZ/FRS. Not about factory parts. The price comparison was for the OP showing the difference in value/bang for the buck. The same with pointing out the category (RWD/FWD-Coupe/Hatch).
Also to show that he'd probably spend more money (including the price of the BRZ) to get the HP gains of the VT. Example: VT with I/DP/E will produce more power than a BRZ with I/H/E.

If Company A makes aftermarket parts for the Subaru boxer engine it is very likely that since the BRZ/FRS is a SUBARU boxer engine parts may carry over, maybe some minor modifications, etc. I never said nor did I infer that
So you're saying our 1.6L engine has a market already too since it's a basic inline 4 cylinder like every other manufacturer?
I also stated that our engine is new to the market, not like the Subaru boxer which already had it's aftermarket. Even if it's a slightly different version such as different bolt patterns on the exh manifold the companies already have experience with them. Nobody had any kind of experience with the 1.6 from the VT because it is completely new in the market, no predecessor with an aftermarket.

So you're saying our 1.6L engine has a market already too since it's a basic inline 4 cylinder like every other manufacturer? As for who sells parts for the BRZ, well it is still a Subaru. When vendors specialize in certain vehicles they normally specialize in a particular make of vehicle which is nothing surprising. And I obviously know that these two cars are not even in the same category or class. You were the one comparing the VT to the BRZ/FRS price and hp gain wise. Not me.
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