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Im having an issue running rich. PLEASE HELP!!! PLEASE!!

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My AFR (m) in my torque pro app is reading 8.99 AFR..
Ok here's my story with my 14 veloster turbo with 121xxx miles..
I've been thinking this was a boost leak since I got the car 1 year and 5 months ago (its may 23 2023 right now) so I've changed all the hoses going into the bov section, the manifold, to the IC I just purchased a new oem intercooler and the problem still persists
I have for mods is:
Add w1 catch can
Hps hot pipe
Turbo socks cold pipe
Typhoon cold air intake k&n
Mbrp catback
Turbo smart kompact plumb back v2 BOV
Mac BOV solenoid
Hks MR40XLZ plugs (I just changed them out for new ones)
And a tune from tork motorsports
I've replaced: (so far)
All the lines from the mac BOV going to the IC, to the manifold, and to the bov!
All the clamps with t clamps including for my intake and my hot pipe
Everything is air tight and I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be hearing this so called "leak"
So now I get a AFR gauge and a boost gauge
And find out I'm not even getting to 8 psi on boost and a AFR is at 8.99 at idle and also to note that my boost will stay as long as I'm on the pedal and does not drop off and no CEL..
I was speaking with someone from the Facebook group and he tells me there could be a kink in the fuel line going to the HPFP and that that could be the noise I'm hearing at WOT and not a boost leak cause it's getting too much fuel...
So my question is, is it the fuel line that's kinked, or can it be the HPFP that's messed up when I'm hearing this "pssssssssssssst" noise at full throttle, or both? Cause it sound like something is staying stuck open or sound like a kink in the line that I'm hearing almost like a kink in a water hose when you hear pressure going through.. PLEASE HELP ME IM WILLING TO BUY WHAT EVER I NEED TO MAKE THIS PROBLEM GO AWAY AND BRING MY AFR BACK PLEASE HELP PLEASE!
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If you're running rich, it can be a bad o2 sensor, bad map sensor, bad spark plugs. I'd check them all
I would change the plugs first in my opinion
I already answered this in the FB post on why the afr is reading what it is via the torque app and what you need to do regarding any boost leaks.
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