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In the dealership now!!!

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In the dealership now signing papers on my new 2013 VT in Marathon Blue! She is beautiful!
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Traded Spec V (6MT) for Base Turbo (AT). My new job requires me to be in Atlanta traffic all day, every day. Needless to say, I was ready to get rid of a manual. Every car I have ever owned has been a manual, so this seems so weird to me!
Hmm, that's a good question MyDianaZ06. I may just PlastiDip the front badge for now, but I plan on keeping it mostly stock for a good while. It's so beautiful as is, so I want to kind of enjoy what I've paid for (or maybe I should say "paying for"). I'm paying much more than I did with the Nissan. So we shall see where it takes me. Over all, I can not stop taking it around the block or looking at it through the window of my apartment. Lol. And yes, I have a reserved parking space at my complex so no assholes hit it like they did my last car.

BoscoOsgood, yes everytime I come to a red light or want to pass someone; I find my left foot desperately searching for a clutch and my right hand on the shift knob. Lol
I would love to somehow put a brushed aluminum finish on the front of my side mirrors (S4 style). Not sure how to go about doing it, or if they already make the part. Anyone have any ideas?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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