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In theory these rims should fit, but

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How do i find out if the center bore is large enough and will the stock tires fit fine? Tire rack shows these should fit but do give the disclaimer of
"Important Notes:
Due to variations in wheel appearance based on size, bolt pattern, lip depth, etc., the wheel shown here may not accurately represent the design specifically for your vehicle"

However I don't think it is implying that they wont work.

Kazera KZ-I Bronze Painted

Front and Rear

Size: 18x7.5
Offset: 45mm
Backspacing: 6.06"
Bolt Pattern: 5-114
Rec. Tire Size: 215/40-18
Weight: 22.6lbs.
Finish: Bronze Painted
Construction: 1 PC. Low Pressure Cast / Shot Peened
Finish Warranty: 1 year
Manufactured in China
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specs look right........maybee it cant take tpms?
The only spec I have a problem with is that they're made in China. LOL

Seriously, these should fit just fine. The disclaimer is just saying that the picture may not be the exact ones that are spec'd to the Veloster.... i.e. the offset of the picture may be different than the offset of the Veloster. Pretty simple, actually. And you can blame the lawyers for those confusing disclaimers!! LOL
I wouldn't be worried. The tpms uses a rubber snap in valve stem so any rims would take our tpms since you can put a regular rubber valve stem in any rims.
The only spec I have a problem with is that they're made in China. LOL
Everything is.
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