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Installed my Injen SRI Yesterday!

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So UPS dropped off my SRI yesterday afternoon and I got to work right away. One thing I did not like about UPS is the man just tossed the box like it was a newspaper. I was really angry LOL.

So from the moment I opened the box to the moment I closed my hood, it took me approximately 30 mins to install this SRI. Right after, I took her for a test drive and wow! she purrs like a kitten! you can definitely feel the increase in power and I notice a change in the fuel economy also. One thing that really got me; the sound! Oh man! it was absolutely amazing. you could hear the turbo and especially when driving sport mode, the sound is beautiful. once 2000RPM is reached, it sounds like a 757 reving its engines on take off and that initially air being sucked in at such a high speed.

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If there is anyone who needs assistance in installing a CAI or SRI within the Barrie and Vaughan, Ontario area, please let me know. I really enjoyed installing my SRI and hope to do more.
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What was the 15% code? All I see is a 10% off.
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Crap i pulled the trigger on ebay for a black CAI $230 shipped. Didn't notice you guys response. Guess not too bad off from price. Unfortunately not getting the hydro shield :disappointed: I'm planning to install as CAI not SRI as I see it has the option for that. Once I start might as well go all out. Hope it gets here by sat in time for the meet.
Try the SRI first and then switch to CAI cuz that would require bumper removal

Thanks for the advice, but I'm ok with taking stuff apart :) Well I got my tracking will be here by Tuesday. Ohh man this is going to be the longest weekend ever lol
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If the hydro shield is not in the box, ask your vendor where it is. Injen is listing it as part of the intake package on their site, so it should be there. Maybe the difference between a good review and a bad one.

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Thanks for that info. But where exactly does it say that it comes with a free hydro shield? I should be receiving it tomorrow by UPS.
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