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Installed my Injen SRI Yesterday!

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So UPS dropped off my SRI yesterday afternoon and I got to work right away. One thing I did not like about UPS is the man just tossed the box like it was a newspaper. I was really angry LOL.

So from the moment I opened the box to the moment I closed my hood, it took me approximately 30 mins to install this SRI. Right after, I took her for a test drive and wow! she purrs like a kitten! you can definitely feel the increase in power and I notice a change in the fuel economy also. One thing that really got me; the sound! Oh man! it was absolutely amazing. you could hear the turbo and especially when driving sport mode, the sound is beautiful. once 2000RPM is reached, it sounds like a 757 reving its engines on take off and that initially air being sucked in at such a high speed.

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If there is anyone who needs assistance in installing a CAI or SRI within the Barrie and Vaughan, Ontario area, please let me know. I really enjoyed installing my SRI and hope to do more.
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It's not significant, but I know that when I reconnected my negative and started the car, my km to empty went up and i notice im getting an instant of 5-6L/100km as opposed to before when it was at 7-9L/100km
where did you order from and how much?
I purchased on for $235CAD.took 2 weeks for shipment, but well worth the wait LOL.
Thats a prefilter.
Yes. It's an Injen Hydro shield that prevents water and small dust from entering the actual filter. Came free with order.
What was the 15% code? All I see is a 10% off.
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The 15% off is 'Welcome15"
1 - 5 of 63 Posts
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