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Boomba Racing is proud to announce our Throttle Body Spacer and Intake Manifold Spacer for the 2019+ Veloster Turbo .
The best gains are seen when using these spacers together by helping to smooth the air entering your motor.
-Save $$$ buying these as a combo
-All hardware is included (corrosion resistant)
-Smooths air entering the throttle
-Does not require a re-tune
-Greatly increases throttle response
-Improves MPG
-Build boost earlier
-Available in blue, red, black, and natural finish


Available directly on our website right Now!
Veloster/Elantra/Forte 1.6T Intake Manifold and Throttle Body Spacer Combo

Auto part

Both dyno runs are under the same climate conditions in our controlled dyno enclosure.
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