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Interaction of ECO mode and sport mode on VT with A/T

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I have found my mileage using sport mode (without ECO) was pretty low - around 20mpg, so I've tried using ECO mode for the past week (without sport). I'm curious if anyone knows what impact using sport mode on the A/T has on ECO mode? I'm assuming that sport mode increases the shift points and delays them, while ECO mode would lower shift points and speed them up - so if you've activated both, which mode "wins"? Thanks!
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Honestly, I don't see why you would have them both on at the same time. But IF you do, I would imagine the SPORTS mode will get the better half. The reason I say this is because you are physically moving the shifter over. That is telling the ECU to shift later. Now it is quite probable that if you aren't getting on it......the ECO will still do some good on the MPGs. I haven't tried doing this so I am not 100% certain on the answer.
Sounds like you want the best of both worlds. not sure but I`m sure the sports would win there. My suggestion would be buy the manual but looks like ya already purchased lol
First off, I don't own a Veloster yet. But I do have a Kia Forte with auto trans and it also has an ECO mode. When using the ECO on the Kia, it doesn't do anything to the transmission. It mearly indicates to the driver when they are driving economically. It's all up to the driver. It just tells you that you are going easy on the pedal. I would bet that Hyundai's ECO mode is the same since Hyundai and Kia share a lot.
I've done a little experimenting over the past few weeks with my Turbo A/T trying to find the sweet spot between fun and fuel savings. Having the ECO mode on without sport obviously gives the best fuel economy (about 27 mpg in rush hour city driving). Popping into Sports Mode I've found pretty much overrides the ECO mode. After a few km of driving I see the fuel consumption slowly creep up. Overall, your right foot is really what will determine how much you gas you use regardless of what mode you are driving in
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Thanks - I agree - I am seeing about the same 27mpg fuel economy in city driving in ECO mode without Sport mode. i am tempted to keep the car in ECO mode, but don't want to have to "press" 2 buttons (moving to Sport and turning off ECO) when I want to really have fun...if Sport really does override ECO and is not a "less sporty" version of "sport" mode...
To Have FUN = Sport Mode + ECO off + Traction Control OFF
To save GAS= D + ECO on + Traction Control ON


Sport Mode just keps rpms at 3k or around that, before shifting, unless you actually hit the pedal hard, of course, then it wil even reach 1k before red line.

What I usually do during my commute is keeping it at "D" and ECO during city traffic and once I hit hwy, I turn everything off.

Coming from a MazdaSpeed6, a manual shift sport car, I can confirm will never be like MT, but can't complain. It is a more relaxed ride plus my wife can finally drive my car. Although, do not know is that good or bad, hahahaha...
Anyone got on update on this? mpg's without Eco and mpg's with Eco?
Honestly it comes down to how you drive. If you are gunning it at every stop, flying through corners etc you are going to have poor MPG.
If you have an automatic, put it in drive and test and watch when it shifts. If you are easy on the gas, ECO mode, IIRC, shifts around 2000. ECO off and drive, around 2500 RPM. Sports mode, I believe, ignores ECO and shifts around 3000 RPM.
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