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Interior footwell lights install

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Can somebody show me a good place to tap in for power for my install of neon lights? pictures will be much appreciated. thanks
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Do you have a control box for them or do you want them to come on only when the doors open.
What I did with mine is I tied the ground from the lights into a spdt switch, then I took one of the poles from the switch to a hard ground (on or off anytime). Off the other side of the switch I spliced into the ground wires for the door open switches (lights on only when you open the doors) For the A+(hot) I found a hot battery wire on the fuse box down by your left leg.

If you have the control box you can ground wherever you want on the chassis and take your A+ to the 12V power plug in the center console. This would give you power when the car is running or ACC.
Yes sir that will work. SPDT stands for single pole double throw on a switch. On the back of the switch it will have three blades (poles). The center pole would be the common (in my case the ground from the light strip) and the outer two poles are what the center pole will be connected to dependeing on switch position. (again, in my case one goes to both door switch grounds and the other pole goes to a chassis ground).

And, that' not a NOOB question, I've been installing and rewiring aircraft radios for the past 15 years and I forget that most people don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

With that fuse jumper you can just remove the fuse for the lighter, plug in the adapter then put the fuse back in. You won't need the switch like I used,I don't have the control box.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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