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hello everyone,

i thought that I would introduce our company our our veloster turbo.

we are a custom shop in sydney australia and we were commisioned to build this car by Hyundai Australia for the Australian International Motorshow. i have been wanting to add photos up for weeks now, but as it was only debuted this morning, I am only allowed to now.

I hope that you all like it (some of you may not) but it was built to firstly showcase the tuning potential as a street car, and secondly to show prospective purchasers the potential to add certain highlights and looks and performance gains with bolt on mods.

we have had sponsors from SounDesign for their PowerBass audio gear, Leffler leather, Xforce exhausts (soon to be available as an off the shelf turbo back stainless steel item) and Rota Wheels.

the car was debuted with Australian Featherweight female boxer Lauryn Eagle as their face to the car to go with their slogan "Sexy gets angry". and it seems to be working.

an interesting point is that this car has so far been the most photographed car at teh show during the show setup and media release.

Hyundai Australia also commisioned a rally spec Veloster Turbo which was built and will be used in upcomming races. I will get specs and pics of this soon as it was built by another shop.

with some great help and support of Mike from Importshark as he supplied specs and pictures of various coilover kits and ultimately recommended the NGM set. He also supplied the cross drilled and slotted rotors, but as our australian version uses 310mm discs from factory, the 290mm discs from him are slightly smaller. but being such a great guy and he has excellent company morals, he is helping us to source a 310mm set which will also be available to the rest of his customers.

below is a list of the modifications which we done.

i will aim to put more pics up especially after the professional photos shoots.


* Custom Aluminium Front Mounted Intercooler by concord customs
* Stainless Steel Air Intake system by concord customs
* Monza Dual Port Blow off Valve
* Monza Stainless Steel Air Filter
* XForce Custom 3inch turbo back exhaust


* Top Stop front Strut Bar - top hats painted in orange
* Roll Control front and rear sway bars
* Super Pro bushes
* NGM Beta-Max coilover suspension
* Painted Standard Calipers
* front and rear cross drilled and slotted R1 Concept Rotors
*engine cover painted in orange


* fine scottish leather supplied by Leffler Leather and Andrew Muirhead featuring black, perforated black and orange leather. highlighted with orange stiching
* interior done by Carl Bowerman Interiors and Concord Customs. including front and rear seats, door inserts and centre console lid
*orange painted grab handles and centre console trims


*Audio gear supplied by SounDesign (only 1 D in the name) and include components from the PowerBass Range. This includes two 2XL-1240D 900watt subwoofers, one XTA 4140 4x140watt amplifier, one XTA 4000D 8000watt amplifier, 2XL-60.3c speakers in the front doors and dash, 6.5inch 2XL-6502 speakers in the rear door and rear panel, one 16-6ix line converter.
*SounDesign provided Memphis Audio wiring kit
* SounDesign Dead Mat sound deadener
* FullRiver high capacity battery
*custom fabricated and orange painted fibreglass centre, front and rear speaker panels showcasing the exposed speakers and highlighted with orange LED lights. all built by concord customs
*custom fabricated boot installation showing the 2 subwoofers and 2 amplifiers. highlighted with orange LED lights. all built by concord customs and trimmed in Alcantera and leather
*custom parcel shelf highlighted with orange LED lights. all built by concord customs and trimmed in Alcantera and leather
*Alcantera trimmed rooflining and A,B & C pillars , and boot lid pieces by concord customs. incorporated roof mounted white LED lighting by concord customs
all interior roof plastics painted in black vinyl dye by concord customs
*white LED replacement globes in all internal lighting
* luminous scuff plates
*stainless steel veloster garnish on drivers side seat belt extension


*custom fabricated luminous acrylic side, front and rear skirts painted in matt black and highlighted with colour changing LED lights, by concord customs
*custom Veloster luminous number plates by concord customs
*white HOD replacement globes in headlights
*white LED replacement globes in rear garnish


* Painted accents in Orange including front splitter and fog light covers, bonnet vents, side skirts, rear diffuser lip, front and rear hyundai logo badges
*Sequence fibreglass rear wing painted in matt black (IF FITTED FOR SHOW - CONTACT GUIDO)
*veloster badge painted in matt black


*ORIGINAL - 18 x 9.5 with +35 offset inch ROTA Grid wheels painted in orange with 215/40/18 Hankook Tyres

* NEW WHEELS - 18 x 8.5 inch with +32 offset Tenso R V1 wheels painted in orange with 215/40/18 Tyres


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some more pics.

pardon the poor quality of them as most pics were taken from my phone or at night time while we built it

i do have some professional photos, but I am awaiting approval from Hyundai before I release them.

Please let me know what you all think

before you ask, the wheels that we built the car around were the 18x9.5 Rota Grids with a 35 offset. but due to getting damaged in transit to the show, we had to buy a set of Tenso R wheels and paint them. so that is why the wheels are different at the show.


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Loved the pics of the car I have seen so far guys, Great build and awesome choice on colours. Am waiting delivery of or Matte VT and am thinking of doing something similar but with a fluro green not orange. was something great to wake upto this morning and for those who wanna see w few more pics check out as there is a pretty awesome racing edition done by Hyundai Australia also. Keep up the great work.

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thanks mate. I am glad that you like it. we originally wante fluro orange, but when we painted a piece and held it next to the matte grey, it just didnt go. i would highly recommend you doing the same and seeing how you like it with the fluro green.

I have tried to look at carpoint, but can not see anything. can you please post up the link. thank you

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some pictures from the cars photoshoot have been released online, so i take that as an opportunity to share them with you all.

there are some pics of our car and also of the rally one


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we are in sydney australia.

some more pics from the photoshoot which i can release.

all in all, one of the cleanest and best builds that we have done. you can always check out our facebook and website

please do not get me wrong, as I am not trying to gain business and detratc from your sponsors, but I just like sharing ideas and concepts with like minded enthusiasts.


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Congratulations, the ride looks fantastic, mate!
Couple of questions:
1. Did you dye the leather inserts to make them orange or is it all new upholstery?
2. What did you use to turn the accented pieces to that magnificent and smooth looking glossy orange?
3. Exhaust. Looks bitchin' sticking out like that, what did you use here or is it completely custom? Sound clips/video?
Thanks in advance!

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thanks for the love guys.

VeeTee - the leather is actually a leather from a supplier here is Australia called Leffler Leather. they supplied all of the leather for teh car including the soft black, perforated black and the orange.

the pieces were sanded smooth, then painted in 2K solid orange. we did not need to hifill the pieces as they are fairly smooth from factory.

the exhaust is a custom one off built by a local company called Xforce. They made the exhaust from the turbo back. they are in the process of making the exhaust for worldwide disctribution now, so it should be available soon. I have spoken to Mike from Import shark and once they are ready hopefully he can sell them from his site. Based on other exhausts from this company, the whole system should retail for around $1000 in stainless steel, but price is still to be confirmed.
the system will utilise the factory exhausts tips, but we removed those and welded on some of their tips whcih could also be done to any of your cars

i will get videos up soon.

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once we get the car back to use at car shows etc, then yes i will post up a video of the exhaust. but please note that our exhaust runs one muffler compared to the 2 that will be sold with the bolt in exhaust from xforce. so naturally it is abit louder.

and yes this car will be going to the melbourne motor show

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thanks mate. the car has been getting some great press from all media groups. naturally some people do not like it, but that is part of the game
Regardless of whether someone likes or doesnt like the looks of the car, any real enthusiast can appreciate the effort that has gone into transforming that car into what it now is. Job well done mate :) Hopefully this is the start of something big for the Velosters aftermarket accessory market in Australia
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