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Plus maybe it would keep my back bumper from turning black every other day. I think im just going to go ahead and install my mbc and bump it up 2 psi i have been waiting around on someone else to do it but looks like im going to be the test dummy.. Will post dyno vid and numbers as well as afr asap... Any info would be great..

Oh and on my nissan juke i currently have 36000 miles on it and have been running it with 3 psi over stock since 1200 miles with no problems other than it feels great when u stomp the firewall

Has anyone installed a boost gauge on there vt yet.. i am this weekend but would love to have someone 's guidence that has already done it
We were about to put a mbc on mine the other day when it was on the dyno but we ran out of time. With the car goin 10:1 after 4500 rpm we saw no reason why it could take a couple more pounds.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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