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Just ordered AEM CAI 21-724C

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I just ordered the AEM CAI. I have used them many times before with great results so I figured I'd try again. I found it for $200 which includes a 6% discount, no tax and free shipping. Though I have to admit where I got it from was a surprise to me. A place called truckprousa. A bit strange to me but tbh, I'd buy it from a bakery if it they sold it cheaper.

TruckProUSA Truck and Jeep Accesories (877) 800-6530
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I just ordered thanks for the link! I'm excited!!!
just spoke with truckprousa about the order4 they said it will be dropped shiped and they are honoring the price. win!
I just got mine installed took me 2 hours and I went to U Fix It Automotive - Do It Yourself, and Do It Right! and rented time there to get it done. I live in an apartment so I don't have tools or a garage to work out of. I'll post pics soon but for now here's a vid

nice, any feedback on performance?
you can feel the power right away
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