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K&N SRI w/heat shield for VT

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Just got an email from K&N that SRI ($291) is now available for VT: 69-5312TS - K&N 69 Series Typhoon Kits, Performance Intake Kit direct from K&N
Too expensive if you ask me, although that heat shield design has given me some prefab ideas.
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^ I just installed Injen SRI last weekend, for almost half the price lol.
Well it's designed to use the "snorkel" intake section to feed the box. Personally I don't think that's enough air flow while sitting still.
Perhaps, but it does get 12hp increase for an SRI setup which is pretty impressive IMO. Injen SRI is only 5-7hp increase.
I was actually planning on creating a custom intake heatshield that attaches to the snorkel as well, for my Injen SRI setup at least as CAI does not need a heatshield.
I concur. It is impressive. I was thinking of the thing Bruce has worked on with the intake hose for additional intake air.
Honestly, I think SRIs and CAIs have all the air they need; at idle or while in motion. To route outside air into the intake would be even better, but I think just being able to isolate hot air around the engine from the intake would be sufficient.
I am so starting on some cardboard stencil work over the upcoming weekends. Unless somebody beats me to it, I will have DIY write up for custom intake heatshield :nerd:
That is if I am done before my classes start :crazy:
Yeah I have the foam board sitting here for like a month now for that project lol.
Dude, if you want to tag team on this project let me know.
And tube appears to be about 1/2" smaller in diameter than Injen. I am curious to know how much clearance there is between K&N SRI and fuel rail. I also thought it was odd that the mount attaches to the throttle body, but hey, it works.
Just got an email from, K&N intake is 15% off for the next 3 days.
1 - 7 of 37 Posts
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