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Kinugawa BOV

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I have a Kinugawa BOV valve for sale.. I used it for a few months and took good care of it. Cleaned and relubed. I had bought a different valve and no longer need this one..

$70 shipped

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What you get instead?
I went with the HKS.. for me this valve was great but a bit to much maintenance using the 845 intercooler because the valve was wide open to the elements
This valve sounds great and would work well when kept in the engine bay
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Would this work with the stock intercooler?
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Its very easy to do. I would recommend re lubing it every few months if used in the stock IC location. The forge will require the same amount of maintenance
How hard is the maintenance on this??
It's easy, remove the bumper and then unscrew the top. Use some pliers and carefully pull the piston up and out. Then wipe it down with a soft cloth, inside and out and the piston as well. Use a nice lube between the o-rings and put back together.
What psi are the springs rated for?
Green spring is up to I think 16 psi, yellow is up to 23 psi. Idk about the blue spring
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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