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Lazy man's lug research

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I suppose I could invest some extra time myself into figuring it out, but this might be the easiest route to go lol.

I'm going to be painting or plastidipping my wheels next week. I need to order some red lugnuts to go with the scheme I'm doing though. Amazon is telling me that NO lugnuts available on Amazon will fit my car, which I find relatively fascinating. I know that not all lug nuts are built the same, and that this isn't just a universal fit. Anyone replace the lug nuts on our cars yet have any ideas, or can throw me a link to a set of red lug nuts that will fit and be descent quality?
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Sweet. Good call, I'll have to check that out, if I can ever get their dang site to load.
Why IS that site soooooo slooooooow?!? It is so frustrating and the search feature is not very detailed. Perhaps they need to change how they catalog things?!
I think they were having problems earlier. Seems to be working ok now. Lil worried about ordering from them though with all the shipping nightmares everyone seems to have.
I've heard the same and also weary.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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