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Lets talk about the Focus RS....

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A bunch of us VT and ST guys share A club down here in VA/DC and some if their cars are pretty intimidating but we can almost hang with them. These RS"s are just damn scary lol. 300hp stock with 325trq. Once these guys start trading in there ST"s I might need to look for a new club for fear of utter embarrassment. Just kidding, but really though.....
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The thing could have a 1000hp and turn the fastest times in the world but I find them so utterly hideous I couldnt careless. Would never even be an option for me to buy.
Have to agree.
The other side of it is that I cannot find information on a release of this car for the USA.
Not that one has to do with another, but these other countries can have their faster edtions of US Cars and I'll Keep my Guns :cool:
I'm with you there.
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1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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