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License Plate Relocation - Veloster Turbo Edition

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So After picking up the VT, I asked the dealer not to drill my bumper for the license plate as i'd rather not have any permanent holes in the bumper. so i looked around for alternatives, and stumbled on this post , Front License Plate Relocation, where Lenny G came up with a good alternative to spending 150 for a piece of metal to hold a license plate.

Since the VT has a different front bump, i've had to go with the 4 inch hex bolt instead of the three, and cut off about half an inch (4-5 threads), other than that the instructions are pretty self explanatory. Now if only the brick wasn't in the middle of the bumper.

Anyways here are the results.

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i think it will look good if that damn middle brick was gone maybe get a acrylic for the middle brick? ionno i was thinking of doing this
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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