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Hey everybody! I thought it was a good time to finally have a build thread. My car has gone through alot of different stages but has changed appearances throughout the past couple months.

I bought my car my first day of senior year in high school. I remember bringing her home and looking at her thinking to myself "I'm leaving it stock". On week later i dipped the rims black and changed my lug nuts to blue ones. Then the obsession started. Ever Since i first starting modding, i've learned so much about cars.

Here comes the list i was avoiding to type out.

-AEM CAI Intake
-Tork Catless Downpipe
-Custom exahust

-Ark DTP Coilovers
-25mm spacers in rear

-Full Blue LED lights from Diode
-Glowshift Boost Gauge

All parts are from Socal Garage Works unless its noted
-Full mesh grill with "hoonigan"
-Full mesh fog lights
- Mesh Rear Reflectors
- Rear Diffuser
-Custom painted Headlights with "Papa Smurf" stencil
- 6k HIDS
- 6 inch LED Bar from Diode
-Pierce Motorsporst Front Crashbar
- EGR Fender flares painted oem Marathon blue
-XXr's 527's 18 x 10 Powder coated white With Blue rivets
-Faulken 265's
-DG style Spoiler
- CF Side skirts dipped White

I'm probably missing some stuff but that's all i can think of for right now.

The day i brought her home: Oct 07, 10 03 47 AM.png?dl=0

Here is how PAPA SMURF sits now:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Motor vehicle

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Coupé Mid-size car

Comments, Questions and feedback are much appreciated.

Alot of hard work went into this build and it looks to me that im just about done with this build

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Do you know the offset of your XXRs? :0

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18x10 +24 but I would've gone Lowe like with a 12 cause it's pretty tight fitment
So its tight to the strut? Just seeing what other people with that kit are running for wheels

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You should really move to adjustable sway bar end links.

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Bro, you're on my instagram (or maybe someone else with the same duck tail) Love the flares. I definitely want to do that down the road. Hate the duck tail, just frigging hate it. Haha. The fitment is insane. Love the ride.

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