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Hey guys,
Well I’ll be moving on from my VT. I wasn’t a part of the community for very long but I took a lot of information and tried to incorporate it into my car. Everyone has been super helpful, and theirs always those couple masterminds who are always great to have on the forum 24/7

Some of these items will be available to ship, and the big items like the Coilovers and exhaust will be for pick up only. I am located in Jacksonville, FL if you’re looking to pick up. Other than that, I am open to PayPal for things that need to be shipped. All of these items were only on my car for 10,000 miles. I owned a 16 VT from 19k miles to 30.5k miles. If you have any questions don’t hesitate! I also have these posted on FB if you’re a member of any of the FB groups

Greddy Exhaust: 500$ (I had fab work done to get rid of the muffler and I had to fix a piece of the piping. It was replaced with the same 304 SS piping) also it’s a full 3” exhaust.

Whiteline Rear Motor Mount: 100$

D2 Sport Coilovers: 500$

Intercooler resonator delete: 20$

K&N Intake: 100$ (I’m missing some of the screws for the heat “box”, I never used it)

60mm TB already tapped: 70$

GFB BOV: 100$

Turbo socks Cold Pipe for 60mm TB: 50$
Front sway bar: 50$
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2015 auto VT, 2013 manual VT × 2
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