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I hope I have this in the correct thread section. Didn't know where else to post up. Anyway, what is a good magazine out there related to turbo "stuff" I am a former Mustang owner and used to have all of the specific mags for it. Now that I have a VT, what is a good read? Is there a "turbo" mag? Sorry, new to forced induction.

- thanks! joe
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Sport Compact Car used to be the holy grail of compact car mags, but it's been off the shelves since 2009. Yeah, I'm no help, I know.
I haven't read a magazine in a really long time. The information is usually way outdated with the pace of the internet anyway.
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Yeah most mags are either focused purely on a certain car, and/or are behind the curve.
I believe there is a mag call TURBO, also MODIFIED, IMPORT TUNER. To name a few
Don't waste your money and stick with the world wide webz!
I believe there is a mag call TURBO, also MODIFIED, IMPORT TUNER. To name a few
Does import tuner cover KDM? I thought they were usually all JDM.
Call me old fashioned, but I like a paper article when I'm sitting in my *ahem* thinking chair.
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Smart phone, it tablet has replaced my reading material for everything. And yes I do believe import tuner and modified mag are usually jdm with the exception of a few recent articles in the gen coupe
I still peruse the magazine stand when I go to the supermarket, looking for tuner mags. I don't really pay attention to the name on the front though.
I found Turbo Magazine at Barnes and Noble and it was pretty good. I also like the web and my iPhone 5 LOL
There still printing...

jk only thing i read are gun magazines
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I used to be into the Mini Truckin scene for a while, but when me & wifey had our 1st son, so I needed to get a family car. Started with a MazdaSpeed & now the VT. I love it & now I'm starting to get back into the scene as a mini hobby. I love Mags too, but the Web is pretty much the easiest way now. I've learned quite a bit in my 1st week on the Forum. There are some pretty good threads. Keep em coming!
Same here. I look to forums a lot.
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