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Magnaflow Cat Back install 03/16/2013

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Finally ordered and recieved my MagnaFlow Cat back 15215 from CatBackShack. Reasonably priced no shipping and best of all no sales tax. Had it installed by a local muffler shop here in Houston (I have used several times before). Pretty easy install. One thing I do like it the Magnaflow system removes about 50# of stock muffler. The kit comes with 2 outlet/tip options. (I was not aware, but both come in kit). 1 with straight 'Y' pipe that will utilize the stock stainless bezel set up in the rear bumper or the Optional set up with Stainless "MONZA" style 'Y' pipes and dual Stainless tips with "Magnaflow" laser eched on the tops) which are the same size as the bezel, so that will need to be removed. (this took about 15 minutes with the car up on the lift) The stock openings in the rear bumper cover will now be large enough for tips to protrude). The optional set up with the tips extend out past the front of the face of the inset portion of the lower bumper. I noticed with the bezel removed the bottom of the bumper is flimsy and I will need to fabricate a bracket to attach the lower lip of bumper to the bumper bracket that the old bezel was mounted to.

Install took about 45 minutes from cats to tips. Some adjustments were needed with the hangers to get the alignment just right. I will note the Magnaflow uses stock body hangers and rubber isolators.

Start up sound was mellow, and not really noticeable at idle, just a low moan.
Accelration sound was impressive and It seemed to improve the acceleration. (I have the manual 6 spd)
Back pressure seems to be greatly reduced. Idle before with stock was around 750-800 RPM, post MF was around 600-700

I commute 140 miles round trip for work and the sound at hwy speed is noticeably greater over stock. MPG improvement seems to be about 2 MPG gain from avg 35 (@70-75 MPH @ 2900 RPM) to about 37-38 (@ 70-75 MPH @ 2700 RPM).

Overall quite pleased except for having to clean the black soot from tips daily ( some of which is oil from muffler system.
I will try to post bfore and after photos tonight.
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Nice write up. Looks sweet. Will def be putting this on my car in the near future.
how much did the shop charge for you to install it? also did they weld it or did they use those metal couplers?
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