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Magnaflow VT catback exhaust

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Hello fellow Aussies,
Has anyone got their hands on the Magnaflow VT catback exhaust and wouldn't mind sharing your thoughts on the exhaust performance and sound?
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sadly no but I got a price of over $1800 delivered and fitted lol, the guy then said he could make me the same system with all magnaflow parts for $1250. i dont get when the aussie dollar is so stong are we paying so much more than or US friends :( lifes hard.
You will have to pay GST to import something that value, and there's freight and fitting costs (and GST on the labour to fit). It would be a couple of hours to fit as it doesn't seem to line up terribly well. At that price you would be better with the Jun BL GT from exhaust from importshark 'cause it's $1100 plus shipping (about $250) and fitting. They ship them direct from Korea and they line up extremely well, and it would only take a half-hour to get it into place. My Jun BL EVC with the variable loud / quiet valve cost about $1800 after shipping and fitting because the valve and wiring is extra work. And since then I've just left in on loud because it's not intrusive and has a lovely note, but it does mean I can make my car stock-quiet when I sell it.

So I would go with the Jun BL GT and you know you're getting a quality product, you know what it sounds like and you know the performance gains (importshark have dyno charts and the EVC made my car more responsive).
yeah but I dont like the sound of the JUN, the magnaflow suits what I am after. It is going to be better for alot of us to do the custom route here in Australia and get the sound you are looking for.
For what it's worth, I purchased both Magnaflow parts (resonator and Y pipe) from Amazon, shipped to me and then had a local guy/shop install them and I am 100% in love with the sound!
Nice work VeeTee, it turn out the same sound? and was it hugely expensive?
Same enough sound for me, I mean, I cannot tell a difference. Best part, nice and throaty, no drone.
Costs are in US dollars: Magnaflow 10426 Satin Stainless Steel 2.5" Round Muffler = $73.25
& Magnaflow 10735 - Mandrel Bend Pipe Tubing =$ 58.97.
Paid Greg at Great Lakes Custom $200 for roughly 3 hrs of labor. I chose his shop bc he has 37 years of experience with custom exhausts and welding, plus he uses stainless steel, which is a huge plus in my neck of the woods with snow/salt and all.
My 2 cents. ;)
nice work mate, good to hear it worked out well. will have to get onto checking the part numbers and shipping :)
I have my heart set on the Magnaflow, I want the performance gains without it being too loud or drone.
I'm trying to get one sent over because after my enquirers only one shop was willing to help even though all of them claim to be Magnaflow stockists and experts and can any exhaust.
The shop that did quoted my was a little more than expected but was willing to fit if Ii import the system myself. I love the guys work, he done my two previous exhausts and was very happy. I don't mind paying as long as I know the job's going to get done professionally.
I let you know how I get on.
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If you buy the magnaflow how do you know you will get extra performance? You may end up with less performance because I haven't seen any dyno charts on their system. I have read a lot about tips and noise but nothing about performance.

That's the reason why I bought my system because I wanted a nice note but not too loud, and I wanted a bit of extra performance and I had the dyno charts. What makes you think the magnaflow delivers extra performance? Shipped to Australia it's terribly expensive.
Well, I NEVER stated or tried to say that it has performance gains.
I simply bought this setup ONLY because og the sound setup, didn't really think or care of the performance gains. That's later on with other things... ;)
How would a free flowing exhaust not increase performance ? turbo`s like to breathe so less restrictions should provide some game even in it is tiny. I think the OP is alot like me and thinks tis is probably one of the best sounding all round systems. And yeah it is expensive but then again so are alot of the other parts delivered here as you know.
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TM so sorry for this repeat of info but thought I'd chime in here re. my exhaust. So far I've had my muffler removed & had straight pipes welded from the 'Y' out of the std resonator to the tail pipe exits in the rear diffuser. It sounds HEAPS better than stock & is a LOT more responsive & performance improvement was definitely noticeable (I obviously don't have any dyno figures to back this up, just my opinion when I drove it out of the exhaust place & driving it since). It does drone somewhat which is why I'll be replacing the stock resonator with a Magnaflow muffler in the coming weeks to smarten up the tone & take away the drone (others have reported great success & satisfaction from this exact setup)... Someone also reported a hairdryer type sound out the back when they stick the boot in & yes there is some kind of air intake noise change out the back that I think they are describing but I wouldn't say it sounds like a hair dryer, it sounds like it's sucking in HEAPS of air or something!!
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Auto part Tire Pipe Muffler Vehicle
[/ATTACH] Auto part Automotive exhaust Bumper Automotive exterior Vehicle
the pics aren't the best TM but I did promise these a couple of weeks ago ;-)


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Please ignore the 3rd picv of absolutely nothing!!
Thanks for your input so far guys. I'd be surprised that a freer flowing exhaust wouldn't yeild any performace gains. Still sussing out my shipping option at the moment.
I'll keep you posted on my progress.
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Today I had the stock resonator replaced by a local exhaust shop with a Red Back hotdog & it sounds awesome!! $110 was all the switch ended up costing & I'm super happy with the sound!! Seems to even out the power too, but that's just how it feels have no dyno figures or anything to back that up... I'll post some pics shortly!
My custom Catback exhaust (cost $425)

below are pics of the RedBack hotdog (replacing the stock resonator)

Auto part Engine Vehicle Car Automotive engine part
Auto part Vehicle Engine Car Exhaust system
Auto part Machine Metal
Auto part

My custom exhaust: STD muffler has been removed, the two small resonators from the muffler also removed, Red Back HotDog from the cat & straight through pipes from hotdog to exit std tailpipe surrounds & I love it!! Will try to figure out a way to do a vid...
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