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Manual VT with accelerator issues?!?!

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Ok, I've been driving manual for years and years and one thing that is really bothering me is the accelerator pedal.

At a stand still, my style of driving on first gear is gas and clutch but on the VT I need to pump the gas one time and then release the clutch and then gas some more for transition. I hate that! I need to be able to do first gear in one shot without double pumping the accelerator. I usually do first gear at 1000-1200 RPM.

I tried many many times to hold the accelerator at at specific RPM but every time I hold that gas pedal it shoots to 2000RPM. The accelerator is not sensitive enough, it is almost preset set to shoot to 2000RPM, does anyone have this issue? Is this because I only put 1100km on the vehicle?

I already pulled the magnet out of the air box with no change.

Please help!
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Mine drives fine too. I havent owned a car in over 6 years that didnt have DBW. It can feel a bit odd to new owners.
You guys could always try a Sprintbooster or TWM Pedalbox type device.
No dealership is going to take apart the pedal and potentially tamper with it. Think of the liability if the pedal then failed and the car crashed.
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Fair enough, if it supposed to be adjusted. It sounds like the pedals are being tampered with in some cases. Its like asking your dealer to do the clutch-switch or BOV mod. Most wont do it if it was never intended to be modified in the first place. Just IMO anyway.
Maybe we should all have meets and compare our cars and driving style. I don't drive my vt any different then my genesis.
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