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I have a 2016 VT, I bought it used and downloaded CarPlay onto it after buying. Recently, the AV system suddenly began to stop playing any actual audio. I don't remember if anything happened in particular to cause it, I think I just sat down one day and plugged the phone in and no music played. No audible pop or anything. Slamming/keeping open passenger door (suggested in other forums) does nothing. Radio also same deal so it is not a CarPlay issue. I can hear menu sounds but when I press play on anything, it says its playing but no sound comes, even with volume blasting. I have tried the following, all with no success:
  • Pushed the reset button with a paper clip
  • Disconnnected battery negative terminal and waited 15 min to do a hard reset
  • Pulled the multimedia fuse out and waited a minute and put it back in
  • Checked the connectors to the amp under the passenger seat, none seem to be loose
Any ideas?

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