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Motor oil recommendations?

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Has anyone other than me used the Lucas Sythetic Oil Stabilizer in their vehicles?
I used it in my 97 F-150 for 10 yrs., and sold it with 260k miles on it and never used a drop of oil, and never even had to go inside the inside to fix anything. so I know Lucas is good!
I am just curious if say a high grade Valvoline Syn-MAx oil w/ Lucas is just as good or better than the top of the line oils like Amsoil or Royal Purple?
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So at this point of the discussion, do we have a consensus on amsoil or pup. Is amsoil a better lubricant but with calcium that doesn't help on the lspi issues. Or pup which may be a lesser quality oil with less benefits but without calcium.
I'm really on one change per year because I do less than 3k per season, regretfully, and really just want the best sitting in there most of the year. The little I do drive it, its not pushed very hard, and not driven in freezing temps. My gut tells me to stick with amsoil for my situation, but I'd grab some pup if the calcium issue outweighed the benefits of amsoil.
Or mix amsoil, penzoil,cerma, and redline all together into a ampupcrmarl stew...thats what I do :cool:
I've been using Amsoil SS from day one, so I was curious about their re formulation and called their tech dept. was told there was zero lspi events, when up to 5 were allowed. Guess that means I'm free to mash the pedal :cool:
1 - 3 of 240 Posts
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