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Motor oil recommendations?

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Has anyone other than me used the Lucas Sythetic Oil Stabilizer in their vehicles?
I used it in my 97 F-150 for 10 yrs., and sold it with 260k miles on it and never used a drop of oil, and never even had to go inside the inside to fix anything. so I know Lucas is good!
I am just curious if say a high grade Valvoline Syn-MAx oil w/ Lucas is just as good or better than the top of the line oils like Amsoil or Royal Purple?
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Just so you know, Warren oil is the cheap shit the local gas stations carry.

Their MAG1 offerings all have NOACK readings of 12-13%. That's bad.

Flashpoint is 226-227° C. Average.

Calcium weight is .135% and judging by the percentage of the other elements seems to be comparatively high.
Their literature makes no mention of GF-5 Plus, nor GF-6 nor LSPI.

No mention of PAO (Group IV) or ester (Group V) base stocks.

I'd avoid it unless I was cutting it with CERMA oil and it would likely have to be like a buck a quart.
Any research done what the "AmazonBasics" 100% 5-30 synthetic is like ?
Already had Cerma treatment done last year. This time I decided to dump in some Amazonbasics oil since I had some amazon credits. Also not sure if this is a red flag, but I bought a K&N oil filter for $4.00. Kinda strange, being cheaper than any other brand.
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