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2015 RB Accent-not so stock 🤫
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I'm surprised nobody hear has heard of the Microlon engine treatment, tranny, and fuel treatment.

I put this in the engine oil and fuel after my 5000 break in miles, did the required 100 mile break in process and have been happy with the product ever since.

Similar to Cerma in many ways by description, it's made the engine idle smoother, better highway roll on speed and got better gas mileage as well. 52mpg on a tank of gas was my best after the Microlon treatment and was running 40-45 mpg consistently in every gas tank prior to the treatment.
All this was prior to modding the car so mileage is now high 30's.

I did a lot of reading here on these forums about the Cerma product but I'd already used the Microlon few years earlier to hearing about the Cerma.

My main reason for the treatment was for dry start ups. I drive a over the road truck and gone for a month at a time so on initial start up when I got home I wanted some protection from dry start up.

I do plan on going with an Accusump 1 quart pre-oil setup soon anyway to alleviate any dry starts and maintain the longevity of the engine. This will also be most helpful when I'm turbo swapped too.

I've been running the Royal Purple HPS formula oil with good results so far.
I know the high zinc formula is no good for the catalytic converter but that too will be gone soon so no worries there.
Secondary cat is gone and main cat/ manifold will be soon too.
Any opinions on the Royal Purple? I've done tons of research on oils and honestly it's pretty confusing to say the least. ??
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