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Motor oil recommendations?

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Has anyone other than me used the Lucas Sythetic Oil Stabilizer in their vehicles?
I used it in my 97 F-150 for 10 yrs., and sold it with 260k miles on it and never used a drop of oil, and never even had to go inside the inside to fix anything. so I know Lucas is good!
I am just curious if say a high grade Valvoline Syn-MAx oil w/ Lucas is just as good or better than the top of the line oils like Amsoil or Royal Purple?
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My Hyundai dealer said they use Penzoil full synthetic for the 2019 and 2020 VT R-Spec. I'm not sure which grade Penzoil though, so I'll be calling back.
Should I let them do my oil change?
Just called them again, they use Pennzoil Platinum Euro LX 0w-30. I'm looking at my owner manual right now and nowhere does it say 0w is acceptable.
Edit: I live in northern Alabama, temps range from below freezing (rarely) in the winter to over 100 in the summer (on the reg).
I called another dealership about an hour away, they use Quaker State 03-30. No idea what my local dealership is doing with that 0w-30 but that's why I'm not doing oil changes at the dealer.
1 - 3 of 240 Posts
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