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Motor oil recommendations?

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Has anyone other than me used the Lucas Sythetic Oil Stabilizer in their vehicles?
I used it in my 97 F-150 for 10 yrs., and sold it with 260k miles on it and never used a drop of oil, and never even had to go inside the inside to fix anything. so I know Lucas is good!
I am just curious if say a high grade Valvoline Syn-MAx oil w/ Lucas is just as good or better than the top of the line oils like Amsoil or Royal Purple?
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I’m lucky the dealer I go to uses only Pennziol Ultra Platinum
wow, where tf is this? That's dope!
"I said use cheap oil and change it every 3k miles/6 months. And to be clear the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum of old (2013) was really good stuff, but since it was reformulated with GTL stocks a lot of it's appeal went by the wayside (NOACK used to 6% and now it's 11%). Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is also not dexos1 gen 2 certified. This is a GM certification that was created to address issues common to TGDI engines, like crankshaft bearing wear, LSPI, and intake valve deposits. Regular Pennzoil Platinum is better than Ultra Platinum for TGDI use."

This guy on ankther forum is trying to tell me PP is better than PUP for our GDI engines lol whyyyy?
I just purchased a 2013 VT with 102K. I am going to be doing an oil change for the first time. Can anyone tell me if Pennzoil Platinum is a good synth to use and if so which one as there is Pennzoil Platinum, Pennzoil Platinum Euro, and Pennzoil Platinum Ultra. All three are currently on sale for $32cdn or less at my local Canadian Tire.
I've let my dealership change my oil since new. I swiftly changed to PUP & used until 115k miles. Great oil, but have found some better oils out there such as Amsoil & Cerma.
1 - 4 of 240 Posts
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