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Multiple aftermarket parts and stock springs

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Selling my 20mm and 15mm Akata spacers (they make the wheels perfectly flush without any poke)
Selling my turbosocks short ram intake with a k&n filter
Selling my Eibach springs or stock springs, whichever you want to buy

Message me for prices please.
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Price on the intake and eibach springs?
Price on spacers?
sent pm
No response??
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No response??
It's only been a day, give the man some time. That or he won't manage to sell anything. :shrug:
Price on the intake and eibach springs?
Intake ill sell for $100

For the springs... I do t have them off the car yet. But the price is $150

I will be able to get the springs off for about a month, once my summer starts.

I posted this all up early just to see if people would be interested haha.

The intake can be taken off tomorrow and sold, if you are interested,
Price on spacers?
$120. That's like $40-$50 below the purchase price.
Seems like you guys are all competing for my parts. As of the next few days, I will only be able to sell the intake and spacers. The springs will have to wait a bit unfortunately.

I also have a set of stock springs if anyone is interested in buying those and getting them rewound by this company in the inland empire somewhere.

Sorry to get all your hopes up for the springs.

Whoever can give me the best price on the spacers and intake, I'll proceed with selling the parts to them.
I will pass on the intake at that price, and I am too impatient to wait for the springs....
Will u take 50 for stock springs and 70 for intake
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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