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Well, I finally got to run my car at the track and the outcome really piss me off. Almost want to trade my car in cause it suck down the 1/4. The temperature last night at 9pm was 82 degree but the humidity high as hell through the night. My first run I did which is the last time slip on the right. I launch this run at 2,000 rpm and off the light it bog out which you see in my 60 foot time but the mph at the 1/8 and 1/4 are really high.
Then the second time slip in the middle I launch at 2,500 rpm and it spun perfect off the line but for some reason the car didn't run as well like the first run since my mph is low in both 1/8 and 1/4 mile. It almost felt like the it was boost cutting down the track. It just didn't feel right. So the final run I did, I launch again at 2,500 rpm and again the car felt good off the line but for some reason it didn't feel strong going to the end of the track.
The other runs I did which isn't posted were my mess up runs plus launch at 3,000 rpm, it just wheel hop down the 60 foot. So mainly guys launch your car at 2,500 rpm cause that where I got the low 60 foot time.
I'm just piss now cause with the power I'm making I should be in the 13's with no problem. I even raced 3 times a modded out srt-4 from at 60 roll to 120 mph and I kill him by 2 cars length and srt-4 run 13.9-14.1 stock and modded out in the low 13's. I had a srt-4 and stock I ran 13.9 and dyno at 215 hp at the wheels and weight 200lb more than my VT. I just don't understand.:confusion:

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I don't understand what ur mad about, with the power ur putting down that's where u should be. Stock turbo does 15.2 quarter mile, ur kidding urself if u think 45 more hp will get u over a second faster in quarter mile. There are cars close to ur weight that make 230-250 hp to the wheels that barly get into the 13s down quarter mile, what makes u think ur 215 will do it? And don't judge ur cars power and ability to run quarter mile based on how u did against a modded srt or whatever, u don't what was happening with the srt when u raced it, could have had a shitty driver or other issues. In the end an srt modded should have easily beaten u. If not, either he lied about mods or he was a shitty driver. Spewing out idiotic crap like this is why we get trolled buy everyone .
1 - 2 of 41 Posts
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