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those short times are horrible. if you wanna actually be successful at the dragstrip there are some tricks to adhear to.

1: get yourself a set of track wheels (just for the front) with a good drag radial tire on them. if your upping the power on the stock wheel/tire without even lowering the tire pressure your wasting your time. find a 17" light wheel and get a 245 or 255 tire on it. tire pressure at say 18psi. heat them up and hang on. you will need to be more aggressive with your launch though. like 3500 or more rpm since now the tire will hold the power.

2: dont make your runs with a full tank of gas. 1/4 tank is the trick. dont worry about trying to pull stuff out of the car.

3: dont hot lap the car. let the car cool down between runs. as mentioned keepo the car off while in the stagging lanes and push it to the line. keep the hood open too. heat is the enemy! less is always more.

4: watch your boost gauge. your complaining that it feels like boost is dropping off but you have a boost gauge staring youin the eye. look at it. your running 14 sec runs at like 95mph, you have plenty of time to lol.

5: pick your lane. dont follow a civic whos rear tires just went throught the water box and now left water infront of you. stage yourself behind the 10 sec car that just laid down a bunch of tire. keeps it dry, warm and sticky for you.

6: pick a good night. make sure they are doing good prepping procedure and watch the DA numbers.

7: have fun. its just the drag strip. dont get your panties in a knot over times. its a hyundai after all. its not a drag car inspired platform. its ment to be a sporty economical car. keep that in mind!

1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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