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Mystery Cable

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Hi all and happy Easter.

feel like a bit of a "nuffy" asking this one, but curiosity has got the better of me, so here goes.

My VT came with a composite (audio L (white) & R (red) + video (yellow) to 3.5mm stereo jack.
I assume its to connect to some AV device to get video and audio to the head unit ??? Correct ???

If so ..... what portable devices have composite outputs these days. The only devices I have with composite outputs are my DVD/VCR player ... and these are hardly portable.

None of the Apple or Android stuff have composite outputs ... so what is the cable used for??

Enough sniggering at my ignorance .... be nice .... its Easter.

Thanks in advance

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Ok ... thanks for that.

So there is another cable/gizmo involved .... now its a little clearer. A quick eBay search has shown me what you mean.

Has anyone been able to use this cable (combined with some interfacing gizmo that attaches to the micro USB port) with an Android device ??

1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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