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NC VTs......where are you?

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Just picked up my VT and can't wait to get on the road tomorrow! I'm in Spring Lake.....where are all the other VTs in NC?
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right outside Fort Bragg.
SO here are the pics/ Just took them yesterday right after a fresh waxing......

Haven't fully decided where i want to go styling wise yet, but I know there will be some flat black being added VERY soon. Just wish it weren't raining all damn day today......
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thans, I appreciate it. I haven't ever owned a white car. I am learning how hard it is to keep this bad boy clean too. lol The rear bumper is forever collecting blackness on it and I always have to wipe it down. Luckily, I cleaned out my side of the garage so I can park her inside from now on. she only spent one night outside since I got her.
Wish i could do the same. I hate leaving the Matte outside After i clean it.
Perfectly understandable. I mean i hate that when it rains mine gets ridiculously dirty right away. least i have a place to work on it out of the rain/sun.......​
I am in Charlotte/concord area. Actually right next to Charlotte Motor Speedway :)

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Hell yeah man. I am planning on a trip over there soon. My older brother is a cop out there and lives in Mint Hill........I'll let you know when I make my way over.....should be within the next couple of weeks.
So I am right in the middle of making my VT a little more appealing on the eyes. Just put the passenger side wheels back on after dipping them. What are your thoughts?

Still in the dipping process last night

Last night before heading to bed

This morning once the first wheel was done

Remounted; about to put the 3rd coat on the other pair

I am nowhere near done dipping either. I like this whole being able to change the color and just peel it off if i don't like
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Damn brother. We should get together sometime. I'm here at Bragg as well. What unit are you in?
About to report to 101 chem in the near future but I've been in Bragg for the last 5 years and been in 4 units now lol. I've got a couple of buddies that get their sti's tuned over at force fed and was thinking about possibly trying to get a group dyno day going. No specifics yet but thought it would be a cool way to meet up with the other local vt's.
I think it's a great idea. All I have really done is cosmetic so far. In the very near future I plan to get a few parts for some small hp gains, but nothing too drastic

Definitely let me know when you put this together. I am certainly in man. I'll PM ya later on and we can talk specifics.
Fuquay Varina

2013 Marathon Blue VT

I actually roll through there almost every weekend man.

Glad to see more NC VTs are coming up on here.
I actually just drove through their last night headed to Raleigh.

Yeah, I see VTs more and more often now but none are on here.
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