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Need a good exhaust setup, want to hear a little more turbo noise

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I have a Catless 2.5” Tork Motorsports DP, No secondary cat and a full straight pipe to a Tomei single exit straight through muffler
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If you can't hear the turbo now then the muffler may be the reason.
I have 2.25 pipe all around, if the take the muffler off the car will sound like garbage, so i need a good resonator; any ideas ?
Need to decide on if he wants to hear turbo spool from the intake or the exhaust to decide on the changes needed. These cars you hear more turbo spool at light to moderate throttle. Past that it goes away more.
I just want a Low but good sounding exhaust with out a lot of restriction and that sounds good with no cats
Put a better muffler in the mid pipe or in place of the current muffler
you the owner of the QuikTimeperformance right? i’ll send the vid and tell me what you think
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