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Ok, so I am completely new to the Veloster community and actually do not own a Veloster OR a Hyundai at the moment..Although, I have been an active hyundai enthusiast since 2003, when I got my 2001 Tiburon. I had my Tiburon until 2007, when I moved to ABQ (from Detroit) In that time, I went from being a total n00b to heavily modifying the car. In the end, I had invested around 12000$ into the car.After moving to ABQ, I soon pickzed up a 2005 SRT-4 and opened up an online 'turbo parts' shop dealio with forums and such (I will not list the website because I am not intending on trying to 'vend') Of course, I modified that car also. I traded in the SRT-4 (which was a super fun car) in the end of 2009 and got a 2010 Jeep Liberty.. The reason at the time is our second son was due in a few months and I wanted more of a 'family' vehicle that had a lot of storage for travel (did a lot of Michigan trips and Texas trips) In retrospect, I wish I would have done something different. I am all but fed up with the shitty gas mileage and looking for a new vehicle.. When the N/A veloster came out, I dogged on it so much.. Ask anyone over at my 'home H site' (not sure if I am allowed to post the full url here.. Then I saw it in person.. I intentionally drive by the local Home Depot where an orange one sits almost every day just to see its ass.. . .. LOL Then I heard about the turbo model.. It doesn't sound like it will be like a super 'beast' or anything, but I love the styling and the fact it will be turbo stock is enough for me.. A few tweaks, a custom FMIC setup, etc. and it shall be breathing nicely.. I am crossing my fingers to be in the market around August for a Turbo Veloster and that I can upside-down trade in the big box... Here are a few pictures of my previous vehicles and current box..
Custom Turbo kit by me, AIR RAM IM, BBTB, Prokit Springs, KYB GR-2, custom non-finished fender flared, Cuda II front, GTS sides and rear, custom paint (before i killed it :p) 2-12" kicker comp VRS +1500mono d amp, CF dash, Greddy Emanage + emanage display, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. lol

Mods: My 'brand' FMIC kit, Willwood BBK, Sportline Springs, Konig Bumps, GTS tail covers, few DIY mods, upgraded WGA, K&N CAI, 5% tint, Ingen catback, 3" downpipe + cat delete, Jet Chip
Mods: 2.5" Lift, 33" Goodyear Authority T/A, 16x8" Cragar Wheels, Night shaded tails, plasti-dipped rear JEEP emblem, black headlight housings, 8k HIDs

I also run a website for aftermarket turbo kits and turbo parts. I started making turbo kits for the RD/RD2 Hyundai Tiburons a few years back as a hobby.. Turbosocks Performance is the site.

I plan on developing a FMIC kit and a CAI kit RIGHT away for the Vturbo when I get mine as soon as it is available!!
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