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New Owner from the 1st State: Delaware

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Greetings from the new owner of a black VT, auto/ultimate! Although my name's on the title, it will actually be shared by my wife and son. He'll probably join here later.

Please let me share my interesting path to ownership. My son picked this car out and months ago and the financing was arranged, but there were none to be found in our area. And I have a problem letting dealers "hold" my money until one comes in, whenever one comes in! This past Saturday, my daughter and I were in route from Delaware to Columbus, Ohio when we had an unexpected encounter with a deer near Zanesville, OH. We were able to finish our trip that night but found out the next morning that in addition to everything on the right front of her Pontiac G5, her radiator was also toast! Monday morning we had it towed to a repair shop and found it would be a couple of weeks at least before the repairs could be made.

Since we needed to return home on Tuesday, we considered our options of flying home or renting a car. I then decided to check the Columbus area dealers for a VT. We found a couple that had just arrived the day before, but one dealer was insistent upon adding all types of unwanted "packages" to the deal. Needless to say we went with the other dealer, and after two hours of paperwork and orientation, we were on our way for our 500 mile "test drive" home. Other than dodging more deer through Ohio, W. Virginia, Pennsylvania, and western Maryland, it was a great ride home!

Thanks for a great site! I'll be checking in often.
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Welcome and good to see another VT in DE. Dover area here
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