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New Shoes on Order

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Got new tires coming. I hope they make it by Monday. 225/40R18 XL Kumho Ecsta 4X from Discount tire, they beat Tire Rack by $31 for the set.
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Stock wheels? I'm curious to see what a 225 looks like on the stock wheels. I hate the stretch look.
Yea stock wheels for now. Trying to save to have a nice new big garage built.
Hey Btjetman u know what would help pay for the garage? Selling ur vents!!
I have the parts department getting some more for me.

By far the best money I have spent yet.

Handling and ride greatly improved.

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I noticed you got XL which is rated for extra load. Those normally max at 51 psi. do you know if thats what they want you to run them because if so its going to feel like a brick...
No they are at 32. If you load to MGVW then you could safely go to 51. At most it is me, wife, 3 small dogs and a cat.
Yep 32 is where there at, no worries.
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