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2016 Veloster Turbo DCT Ultimate
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I've had mine replaced twice for issues.

I would quadruple check for boost leaks. Boost leaks are silent killers for turbos. Depending on your tune, the turbo maybe allowed to spin faster than it should.
With a boost leak, the turbo would spin faster and faster until it can reach it's target. It'll wear out the bearings and shaft really quickly.

On the other side, make sure the tune isn't asking the turbo to do more than it can. Same result as the boost leak. Turbo is spinning too fast trying to reach a target it can't. Premature wear, shortened lifespan.

You could have a kink in your turbo oil lines. The top one is a thin bendy metal tube that's easy to kink. The bottom one is much bigger and harder to kink but it could something to look at.
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