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New VT in the NY area

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hello everyone, got my century white veloster turbo in 2/2013. first time i saw a v was last year. i was in love since ... waited for the turbo version wanted the matte but the wait was too long ... lucky for me they look good in any color. hope to have a long stay here. thanks for your time
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ahhh ok i'm up state from you welcome :)
Heyy your from Newburgh? Im like 20 min from there.
yea well kinda marlboro now lol what color VT you have?
Unfortunately i do not own 1 at the present time but i will be purchasing one of over the next couple months my goal is to get Elite white. I know theres a silver one floating around Newburgh somewhere. I keep seeing it.
there are actually 2 silver ones floating around 1 auto 1 manual 1 i think works at the newburgh mall
Yeah iv seen the one at the mall. I actually got a pic of it a couple months back.. I cant tell them apart both of them seem to not have the ultimate package so i wasnt sure if it was the same or different. I def haven't seen urs.. Looks good from the pic though.
yea the week before i put in the request for mine i saw the 2 stilver ones.. parked next to eachother at the mall lol

thank you man.. I've done a bunch of work to make it my own
I cant wait to get mine, im dieing lol.. Although i do love my current car and i do catch myself looking back to see it all clean. Lol. Its time for a change.

You are very welcome. Its always the best when u can have something that stands out that no one else has, Would love to check it out sometime.
well currently I'm unemployed so whenever you want to check it out let me know lol
Ouch sry to hear bro :/. Im free nights after 5 and most weekend. So whenever u want im around.
eh shit happens sounds good i'm not free tomorrow but maybe thursday
No prob man sounds good, lemme know.
are you guys going to bear mountain may 5... i believe mike from import shark is planning a meet. i'm also a member at
Prob not on my end considering i dont a VT just yet.
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