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New VT Owner in Hampton Road VA!!

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Hello everyone I just got a new VT - Vitamin C with MT and wanted to say Hello to the Board. I have already started modding the car it has an window tint, Injen SRA, and a Magnaflow cats back installed, plus i have my eibach springs im going to install tomorrow. i still want to order a forge BOV and some rims but that is about all im going to do to the car until some kind of tuning device comes out.
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Welcome fellow Tidewater VA resident! I'm on the peninsula. You have the car I wanted last Aug. I took a red VT MT since they couldn't say when they'd get another MT let alone a particular color. I would have waited but I needed a new car about a year ago. Had to wait about 9 months the way it was.
Welcome 95.
Thanks all..
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