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New VT owner on Long Island

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Hello all. My name is Rich and I just purchased an Elite White VT auto a couple weeks ago. So far I have 300 miles on it and loving it. I already started modding it the day after I picked it up. First set of mods were building a SRI, 20% window tint, refinish the brake calipers in black, 15mm and 20mm wheel spacers, mounted my navigation unit in the area in front of the shifter, replaced the interior light with LEDs from Diode Dynamics and swapped out the foglight bulbs with some Silverstars I had laying around.


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Wow you certainly spent no time keeping that stock! Congrats on the purchase. Id like to see more pics of the interior if possible, I have yet to see an interior of a VT without the ultimate package.

Welcome. :)
Welcome to Where did you get your wheelspacer??? Im planning to install it too.
garage-line here on the forums is the only place where ive seen spacers for our cars.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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