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Next step recommendation

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Looking for opinions, mods are in my sig, just installed a Wagner i30 intercooler, should I do plugs & tune next or 3" exhaust? I don't have a specific hp goal, just to make more go fast & have fun.
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You're hitting tune limiters now most likely. Between that and the oem tune not being great to start with you most likely need plugs and a tune. But that may also mean you need new oem coils or fuel line or some other maintenance item first that was not mentioned yet. Tune must be safe and from a trusted tuner if you go that route.

I want to see the intercooler installed :)
I'll be taking the bumper cover back off to do some other things and take detailed pics but here's a sneak peek.

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I posted one on a car trying to test fit way back but the cost and mods needed to make it fit the customer was not interested in spending.
It's definitely not a bolt on affair. I had to trim the upper radiator support to clear the new temp sensor location and make new upper mounting brackets for the cooler and the condenser, trim the bumper cover/grill, and no crash bar will fit, unless it's on the outside of the bumper cover lol. But it does "fit".
Oh I'm aware as I had it on a car without the bumper attached.
What plugs do you recommend for your tunes?
NGK or HKS. Heat range and plug gap will depend on the tune and fuel used.
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